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Hello, everyone!
Hope no one minds that I'm posting flyers for events in Puerto Rico... which is an island... completely isolated... with a very small club scene, but still, wandering net fiends sometimes find out about these events in mysterious ways, si, I'll post nonetheless. (Plus the fact that many people out there, especially in the US, don't know PR is an actual place ;P )

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Hello. I am a newbie here, just wanted to say hey, sorry i have nothing cleaver to say its too early in the morning. IF I think of something, maybe i'll post it.

Matt d.
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Nuclear Winter

This community is good as dead. I think I will just let it stay here, lost in cyber space. But if people ever feel like starting a converstaion of some sort on here, feel free to do so.

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*Fuck Jacksonville's Industrail Scene*

Fuck Jacksonville's Industrail Dance Scene.  The club night here in town is called "FACTORY". Every weekend you will here the exact same tracks at the club from groups such as Covenant, Bella Morte, Apoptygma Berzerk, and Skinny Puppy. Even though I do like Apop somewhat they are getting annoying. Should they be considered industrail-pop? They just are not cutting it any more. I was listening to "Welcome To Earth" last night and I only like 2-4 tracks on the whole damn cd! Our club night also has a anarchy symbol in it.........Last time I checked this was industrail not punk rock. Why not have a gas mask there istead????????????


On a second note: Write something in here you fucking retards! And welcome new person :oD


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